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Our company holds a very privileged position being able to carry out bespoke customer repairs to their diesel machinery at times and to requirements to meet the schedules of you our customer. We hold a vast spare parts inventory of all Wola - Henschel types and modals and with a well-equipped workshop. Any specialist knowledge and tools are at our disposal instantly as they are all in-house including fuel pump and injector repairs.

We hold exchange engines or parts of engines so a part exchange of the exact requirements can be sent worldwide with the time interval set only by the carrier of the parts being by air land or sea. You the customer can send your own engines to us with the safe knowledge of a quick turnaround and a guaranteed repair or overhaul, also if the engine is part of machine such as a generator we are in a position to repair the whole unit and return in a perfect condition ready to go back to any hard work you may require of it.

We are also able to make the repairs of the machines equiped in Wola-Henschel engines.

We lead the works under supervision of: PRS, RMRS, LLOYD as well.





All the information and the technical support is available with these telephone numbers:

+48 12 280 30 60

+48 602 46 96 75

Did you know...

We use only original spare parts, which are necessary and essential for repairs renovations and installations

Since 1990s we are the leading company where Wola-Henschel engines are in need of attention. Our continued success is due to the professionalism of our specialists who monitor and make sure we meet fundamental standards of quality and safety

Our service will arrive to any place in the world, 24 /7