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We offer

We offer renovations, repairs, overhauls, spare parts, sales and purchase of 6, 8, 12- cylinders engines Wola - Henschel

12-cylinders non-turbocharged engine type: 39H12, 52H12, 78H12,105H12G, 108H12
6-cyliners non-turbocharged engine type: 06H6, 14H6, 16H6, 31H6, 39H6, 71H6
6-cyliners turbocharged engine type: 05H6A, 46H6A, 36H6A, 72H6A, 135R6TC
12-cylinders turbocharged engine type: 16H12A, 71H12A, 91H12A, 135V12TC
6, 8, 12, 16-cylinders Henschel engine series 1416 and Henschel series 1516
8-cylinders turbocharged engine type: 14H8A
6-cylinders non-turbocharged engine Wola D
12-cylinders non-turbocharged engine DV

installed in:

Electric generators: 24ZPP-16H6, 21ZPM-31H6, 21ZPM-39H6, 84ZPP-78H12, 42ZPM-39H12, ZP201-108H12
Power units, drilling sets: 24ANf-71H12A, 58AN-67H12A, 28ANM-56H12Aa, 68AN-78H6Aa, 48ANM-48H12Aa
Normal-gauge locomotives 6Dg, 401Da, 409Da, SM-30, SM-03 DHG500, DHG700 and similar
Cutters, guard ships, harbour tugs, oil wells, pumps units, Sailing ships, cargo ships
Narrow-gauge locomotives: Lyd1, Lyd2, Lxd2, WLS-150, Ls 40, Ls 75, Ls 150
River push-boats: ŁOŚ, BIZON, sea push-boats: MUFLON
Tamping machines PLASSER
and other industrial machines



All the information and the technical support is available with these telephone numbers:

+48 12 280 30 60

+48 602 46 96 75

Did you know...

We use only original spare parts, which are necessary and essential for repairs renovations and installations

Since 1990s we are the leading company where Wola-Henschel engines are in need of attention. Our continued success is due to the professionalism of our specialists who monitor and make sure we meet fundamental standards of quality and safety

Our service will arrive to any place in the world, 24 /7